Current Lab Members

Duane Wesemann

Duane Wesemann, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Associate Physician, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Yuezhou Chen

Yuezhou Chen, MD, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow (Joined 2014)

M.D. China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, 2014

Ph.D. Cell Biology, Peking University, 2009

Pei Tong

Pei Tong, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow (Joined 2014)

Ph.D. Virology and Immunology, Tsinghua University, 2014

B.S. Biology, Northeast Agricultural University, 2009

Teng Zuo

Teng Zuo, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow (Joined 2015)

Ph.D. Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Tsinghua University, 2015

B.S. Biology, University of Science and Technology of China, 2010

Adam Zuiani

Adam Zuiani, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow (Joined 2017)

Ph.D. Washington University, 2016

Avneesh Kumar Gautam

Avneesh Kumar Gautam, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow (Joined 2018)

Ph. D. Biotechnology, National Center for Cell Sciences, 2017

M. Sc. Biotechnology, IIT Bombay, 2009

Felipe Lelis

Felipe Lelis, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow (Joined 2018)

Ph.D. in Immunology, University of Tübingen, 2017

M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, London Metropolitan University, 2012

Shaghayegh Habibi

Shaghayegh Habibi, MD

Research Fellow (Joined 2018)

M.D. Fasa University of Medical Sciences, 2015

Meghan Travers

Meghan Travers, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow (Joined 2019)

Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 2019

B.S. in Biological Engineering, Cornell University, 2009

Nicholas Garcia

Nicholas Garcia, B.S.

Research Assistant (Joined 2019)

B.S. in Neuroinformatics, Union College, 2019

Former Lab Members

Himabindu Kolli

Himabindu Kolli, MBBS

Research Fellow (2017-2019)

MBBS, Rangaraya Medical College, Dr. N.T.R Health University, 2017

Stephanie Skouras

Stephanie Skouras

Research Assistant (2018-2019)

Undergraduate Immunology Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School

B.S. Medical and Molecular Biology, MCPHS University, 2018

Neha Chaudhary

Neha Chaudhary, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow (2016-2019)

Ph.D. Computational Biology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2016

M.S. Bioinformatics, Banaras Hindu University, 2009

Jiaqi Liu

Jiaqi Liu, MD

Research Fellow (2017-2019)

M.D. Fudan University, 2015

M.B. Xiamen University, 2012

Kelvin Muriuki

Kelvin Muriuki

Research Technician (2017-2019)

B.A. Integrative Biology, Harvard College, 2017

Rupa Kumari

Rupa Kumari, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow (2017-2018)

Ph.D. Indian Institute of Science, 2016

M.Sc. Biotechnology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2010

Jared Silver

Jared Silver, MD, PhD

Clinical fellow in Allergy and Immunology (2014-2018)

Residency - Internal Medicine, University of Virginia, 2013

M.D. University of Florida, College of Medicine, 2010

Ph.D. Immunology and Microbiology, University of Florida, College of Biomedical Sciences, 2008

Tanner Nelson

Tanner Nelson

Research Assistant (Summer 2018)

Summer Immunology Program, Harvard Medical School (June-August 2018)

Physiology and Developmental Biology, Brigham Young University (2020)

Colby Devereaux

Colby Devereaux

Research Assistant (2015-2017)

B.S. Biology & Chemistry, Emmanuel College, 2017

Shannon Howard

Shannon Howard

Research Technician (2016-2017)

Biology (Biochemistry) Major, Emmanuel College

Alessandra Granato

Alessandra Granato, MS, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow (2014-2016)

Ph.D. Sciences (Microbiology and Immunology), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - IMPG, 2013

M.S. Biological Sciences (Biophysics), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - IBCCF, 2007

Seung Seok Han

Seung Seok Han, MD

Research Fellow (2015-2016)

M.D. Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital, 2012

Rakesh Donthula

Rakesh Donthula, MBBS

Research Fellow (2015-2016)

Kakatiya Medical College, India

Michael Gallagher

Michael Gallagher, BA

Research Technician (2013-2014)

Medical Student, University of Massachusetts Medical School

B.A. Biological Sciences, Union College, 2008

Akritee Shrestha

Akritee Shrestha, BS

Research Technician (2013-2015)

B.A. Mathematics & Chemistry, Emmanuel College, 2013

Jennifer Magee

Jennifer Magee, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow (2013-2015)

Ph.D. Immunology, Tufts University, 2010

B.S. Biology, The College of New Jersey, 2003

Credit NIAID