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Fundamental Immunology

  • Elucidating the principles underlying B cell entry into the germinal center antibody evolution process
  • Investigating what determines the extent of antibody gene mutation in germinal centers
  • Shedding additional light on why B cells mutate their antigen receptors

  • Elucidating mechanisms regulating durability and breadth of antibody responses in vaccine and infection-induced immunity
  • Unraveling factors that can be optimized in vaccine strategies to provide maximized antibody durability and breadth against infectious diseases

  • Evaluate the amount of hypermutation a protein can handle
  • Understand factors that influence and contribute to protein mutability and tolerance

  • Identifying how polyreactivity in the B cell repertoire is dynamically regulated
  • Elucidating contributory mechanisms influencing how the microbiome regulates baseline B cell antigen receptor polyreactivity
  • Identifying how the primary B cell receptor repertoire contributes to immunodominance patterns

  • Identifying and characterizing immune operations in jawless vertebrates to gain insights into origins of adaptive immunity

Allergy and IgE

  • Understanding factors that make IgE production unique
  • Identifying where IgE is produced and how it is distributed to effector sites
  • Investigating how ticks can cause α-gal-related food allergy

  • Using a jawless vertebrate model to probe the origins of Th2 immunity

Technology Development

  • Developing new technology to re-engineer the germinal center to function as an automated mutation and selection platform of user-defined protein targets to user-defined ligands